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15 Aug, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Internet Marketing

Today on Newest on the Net, we are going to talk about email marketing.  Specifically, we’re going to show you the best email marketing blog posts out there and tell you why you need to read them.  These are not beginner or newbie posts, these are current, top email marketing blog informational posts that are covering the latest trends.

If you’re new to email marketing, you probably are still catching up on the basics.  That is OK as these posts will keep you informed of the current trends and technology behind the best email marketing techniques to help your learning curve.  Our first will also speed up your learning on the subject.

35 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your RSS Subscribers – from Newest on the Net
While not specifically about email, this one covers a lot of marketing information that any newbie should know and will get you started. READ MORE>>

Email Design Tip of the Week: Social Media in Email – posted by Andrea Smith
Should social media be used in email? Sure! But only if it makes sense for your audience. Decide if you will link to your existing social presence, enable content sharing, or both. READ MORE >>

Twitter’s ROI: Relationships & Influence – posted by David Hoang
With CoTweet joining the ExactTarget family, we see the convergence of the power of social media and email communication; an Internet Marketing Hub to maintain relationships on both platforms. READ MORE >>

Design Tip of the Week: Notes from Google – posted by Anna Meier
Looking for a dose of inspiration to jumpstart your marketing program? Take a few notes from Google’s Marissa Mayer. She spoke at Make/Think, the AIGA design conference last October.  READ MORE >>

What’s in a bounce? – Posted by Karen Balle
Yesterday, a friend found a terrible post about bounces.  We talk about looking at your bounces and understanding what they mean in regards to your list health, but what are bounces and why should you care? READ MORE >>

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