How To Manage Your Time As a Freelance Writer

11 Jun, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Getting Things Done

Here at Newest on the Net, we’re continuing our look at freelance writing and the aspects of this career choice.  Time management is probably the most helpful or destructive thing to a freelance career so the subject of freelancer time management is an important one.

If you’ve chosen a career (part- or full-time) in freelance writing, then the first thing you’ll need to know is where you’ll be working.  Most likely, this is at home, which creates a large number of hurdles to be overcome in freelancer time management.

Rule #1: separate home from work.  While you’re working at home, in your work space, make it as separate from other aspects of your house as possible.  Make sure your spouse, children, roommates, etc. all understand that when you’re in your work zone, they should treat you as if you have left the house and are at an office somewhere in the city.  This is, for most of us, the hardest aspect of time management when working at home.  People easily forget and will walk into your space to make comments, yell things from another room, or present themselves and demand attention.  If your chosen work space has a door you can close: use it.

Rule #2: act like you are at work, not at home.  This might mean dressing up for the day, combing your hair, or whatever.  Whatever it is, it gets you in the “work mindset.”  For some of us, it’s as simple as brushing our teeth and combing our hair.  For others, it might be more elaborate and require dressing up or otherwise “feeling” professional.

Rule #3: have a schedule.  Your schedule might be fixed hard-and-fast, making your time management easier, or it might be more loose and open.  Whatever it is, try to keep it at least generally consistent.  For most of us, our freelance writing schedule is pretty arduous when you spell it out for someone.  Many of us put in 16-hour or longer days, but maybe don’t work every single day of the week.  Others put in a 9-5 and call it good.  Whatever your schedule is, stick with it.

These three simple rules should help your freelancer time management and greatly reduce your time wasted and keep your time management in check.

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