How to Make Money Freelance Writing

11 May, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Newest On The Net

If you have the knack for writing, then we here at Newest on the Net know that you probably are interested in becoming a freelance writer, making your living (or partial living) freelancing.  Freelance writing can be a fun, rewarding career choice, but it requires work and diligence.

To make money freelance writing, you’ll first need to be sure you have the skills to prosper.  Can you write coherently, edit yourself well, and produce quality, ready-to-print material?  If not, you should spend the time now, before your professional reputation is at stake, perfecting these skills.  It takes time, effort, and know-how to be a good writer.

Next, you should begin looking for work.  Often, in the beginning, you’ll have to “pay your dues” with low-paying jobs that require a lot of work for little financial reward.  This is the world of freelancing, no matter what your profession, and is required in order to build both a reputation and a portfolio to increase your appeal to prospective employers.

Finding jobs can take place locally, nationally, or internationally.  Usually a combination of all three.  Locally, you likely have newspapers and other publications that are always looking for more input from quality talent.  These are often the foot-in-the-door jobs for freelance writing and journalism.  Gather up your best work so far and just walk in the door to talk to them.  Smaller papers usually have a small staff and the editor is often readily available.

Nationally, look for work on national directories and website freelancing pages to find work.  This goes for international work as well.  To make money freelance writing, you’ll need to know what is people are asking for before you can bid, so be sure you know exactly what it is they’re after before you bid on a job.

As your reputation grows, so will your income.  It’s not easy to make money freelance writing, but it is very rewarding and, with time, freelance writing can really pay off.

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