How to Find Freelance Writing Clients

26 May, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Featured Articles

Finding clients to hire you for freelance writing is usually the thing that most starting out in freelance writing have the most trouble with.  This is because, unlike traditional job searching, you can’t just grab the classified ads or browse Internet Help Wanted ads to find work.  Instead, you have to find clients using business-to-business methods.

This doesn’t mean it’s hard or impossible for you to do on a tight budget, however.  Most of it is just getting past the traditional “look in the want ads” mindset and thinking outside the box for freelance writing jobs.

Start locally to get on your feet and build a portfolio.  Small, local newspapers and other publications are often looking for good material, especially from local writers.  In many areas, weekly or bi-weekly newspapers are willing to pay a few dollars to have you act as a freelancer, covering local events or submitting commentary.  Other annual publications, such as coupon books or local business directories are often looking for “filler” writers to produce material to fill in the margins, extra pages, and other space in their publication.  Many times, just walking in the door with a couple of samples can land you a trial position.

Freelance-specific websites and directories are another source.  While most focus on technology (Web developers and so forth), there are many with writers in mind.  These sites generally come with a price, but are worth the percentage paid from your revenue to use, as they get near-instant

connections and give you access to world-wide job opportunities.

Finally, the old standby of using a printed writer’s directory (purchased or from the library) to send material to editors is always an option.  It’s slow and you can expect a 99% rejection rate, but print outlets generally pay much better than websites do and once you’re in the door, you’ll find it easier to return for more.

There are a lot of options for the freelance writing enthusiast and there are plenty of freelance writing jobs out there if you just look for them.  Go ahead and try!

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