How to Build Your Email List

16 Aug, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Internet Marketing

Building an email list is a lot easier than most people think.  Many bloggers and entrepreneurs are worried about the email list building costs with the tools required to be compliant with the law.  You can build your email list easily, however, and it’s not nearly as expensive as you might think.

These five tips are the fastest way to grow your list quickly and keep it growing as they are marketing fundamentals for helping you build your email list.

1 – Place your sign up form in a priority spot – right on top, up front, where it’s easily seen.  It should be on the first screen, preferably at the top or near the top of your content.  It should be in an easily-identifiable spot and should make it clear that there are good reasons for joining your email list.

2 – Use multiple signup forms.  Put them on every page of your site and if you can, have them track-able so you can see which forms are giving you the most signups.  This helps with marketing and shows you which forms, layouts, etc. may not be performing as well.

3 – Give a good reason for signing up.  People won’t just sign up for your email list building just because you ask them to.  They need

a reason.  Give them free information, better access, or something else for their trouble.  They need a reason to trust you with their email address.

4 – Give an incentive whenever you can.  Your incentive is what helps email list building the most.  This ties in with number 3 and is the most fundamental marketing you’ll do to build an email list.  Free ebooks, reports, access to private areas of your site, etc. are the kinds of incentives that are cheapest and most often used.

5 – Use forwarding options.  Give your current subscribers plenty of opportunity and reason to forward your newsletters or email correspondence to their friends.  Called “word of mouse” in the industry, this is another long-term, steady wya to build an email list and it costs virtually nothing to do.

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